Avatar pictures resized to low res

congrats on the new site!

minor issue: the avatar images are resized to a too small resolution after upload, which is fine when displayed normally, but when you click the name of a forum user the image is blown up & appears very pixelated. (example: click my forum name above this message) Easy fix could be to resize the avatar image after upload to the larger res used on the site, and let the browser resize if the smaller one is shown.


Ah we fixed this last week :confused: But somehow in the reset for launch it was clobbered, we’re on it!

Where do I change the avatar pic? Changed it for the main profile but it doesn’t seems to affect the forum one.
Also would love for an option to show username/full name instead of avatar/single letter bubble


edit I guess it was linked with the main website one and it hadn’t refresh in the top corner, see it here…

Yes, as you discovered it is changed in your main profile settings at derivative.ca. You may need to login again to have it update.