Azure Kinect CHOP flickering issue

Hi all,
I am trying to solve an issue I’m getting with the Azure Kinect CHOP. I need to use hand movements for an application. It seems like the Kinect Azure CHOP, once in a while, drops the signal(?). In the video, posted on the FB TD page, the red and the green circles are my right and left hand respectively. You will notice that the Kinect CHOP data (shown in the background) flickers at 0:03 and also 0:26. The hands all of a sudden do an unusual move when this happens. I am using a lag to smooth out the values but the flickering can’t be completely handled with a lag/filter since the change in values is drastic. I am using the latest SDK/firmware. The official Kinect Body Tracking app does not show any flickering. Have any of you faced this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

kinect_test.toe (4.8 KB)