Azure Kinect depth info crushed or missing

Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated! I’ve been racking my brain and googling to no avail.

I’ve recently been messing with an Azure Kinect in TouchDesigner and I can’t seem to figure out how to get all the depth information. When I add a Azure Kinect TOP and select the depth texture I get a single channel (or B&W) of depth information but it only represents about three feet of space from the sensor, everything beyond that is just white (see first image). If I open the Azure Kinect Viewer I get a much better gradient of my space, which in this case is almost 30 feet (see second image). I feel like I’ve changed almost every setting including pixel format but I have not figured it out.

(ladder is approximately 2.5’ away, background is approximately 30’ away)

By default the TOP Viewer will saturate values higher than 1.0, if your depth texture contains values larger than 1.0, they will show as white. If you want to inspect the data, enable the TOP Viewer and use the following settings:

Here you can see that my depth range is actually [0, 13.31].