Azure Kinect IMU without cuda

Is there any reason why I can’t read IMU data from the azure kinect chop without an nvdia gpu?

It seems that the imu data does not need cuda drivers. I don’t need body tracking (which is nvidia dependent, but the IMU is not : it works in kinect viewer despite my not having cuda) but the kinect azure chop unfortunately turns itself off when it sees that I have no cuda.

Is there a way to grab the imu channels?

Sorry for the problem. We updated our CUDA support for the new 2021 release, but the compatibility check for the Kinect Azure was a little more strict than it needed to be.

Have you tried turning ‘CPU Body Tracking’ off? I believe that should bypass the message, but I don’t have a non-cuda card available at the moment to test it.

A proper fix will be included in our next update.

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Yes I’ve turned body tracking off but the whole operator seems to shut down I guess because Cuda is not available.

Sorry, I just realized I mistyped that … you should turn ‘CPU Body Tracking’ to ON to skip the CUDA check. The parameter is on the Kinect Azure TOP, not the CHOP.

In the next update, the node will automatically will automatically skip the cuda check if none of the current outputs require cuda.

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