Azure Kinect - Master / Sync multiple Camera (3) issue

I have 3 Azure Kinects running on the same pc (pro server motherboard, no flashing or bandwidth issues).

I am trying to setup Master / Subordinate 1 & 2. I am daisy chaining as described in the documentation.

The Timing Tab is setup correctly for each as far as I know, Master is set to Master, and each Subordinate is set to Subordinate with a delay entered (10, 20)

The Master and Subordinate 1 are working but Subordinate 2 says waiting for Master and shows no image. What am I doing wrong? Should I switch to the Star method for sync with a headphone splitter from Master to both Subordinates?

I don’t have access to 3 kinects to test this, but you could try enabling the logging system to see if anything there helps explain what is going on. There’s information on enabling logging here:

I will have to debug it later when I get a chance. I did switch to a headphone splitter using their alternative “star” method from master to multiple Subordinate with the sync timing offset and it worked fine.