Azure Kinect skeleton tracking in vertical position

please does anyone know whether it is possible to use skeleton tracking on Azure Kinect in case the device itself is not in proper horizontal position, but is rotated by 90 degrees (in rather vertical position)? :slight_smile: I am about to buy one, but it would need to work in this rotated position - so I thought I better ask. However I guess it should work without any problems, right? Thanks.

In my stream I tested that.
One of the big pros of the azure over the V2 is the reliability. I tracks if you enter with your back turned, picks the players up really fast and, to my biggest surprise, it was able to also pick me up from 90° above my head with me sitting on my desk.
Take it with a grain of salt, as I made this tests in my small home office room, but it worked really great. (as far as it can. If it cannot see your legs it will just take a guess).
one big minus is, that, at least the dk, is only rated for up 30 C° of temperature. This makes it kinda hard to use in any event related environment using any kind of non, low power, led lights in the rig (not even talking about projectors)

I see, thank you very much for info. Reliability is the most important aspect for me, it is good to hear it performs as expected. Maximum of 30 C° is not ideal, good to know.

The kinect azure actually has a setting to tell the device what orientation it is in which the documentation says will help with the quality of body tracking results.

We don’t have this setting exposed yet in TouchDesigner, but I can add it for the next update.

Thank you very much, that would be great! :slight_smile:

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I just wanted to mention the new Sensor Orientation parameter is available in the release we launched last week:

The new build also updates the Kinect Azure TOP to the latest SDK versions.

That is great, thank you very much for implementing this feature, I have noticed it in release notes.