Azure Kinect unable to open device error

Hi folks, I’m trying to connect my Azure Kinect to TD but kinectazure TOP is unable to open the device. I just updated TD to version 2022.28040. I’m able to open and start my device and can see the camera feed through Azure Kinect Viewer so the device is working but TD is not able to recognize it. I believe I was able to connect to it before I upgraded to the latest version. Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry you’re having problems. Does the kinect camera appear in the sensor menu on the TOP? Does the camera feed work if you use a Video Device In TOP and select ‘Azure Kinect 4K Camera’ from the device list?

You can also set the environment variable K4A_ENABLE_LOG_TO_A_FILE to 1 to enable debug logging which might give more information.It will create a log file in the same location as your toe file (usually on the desktop by default).

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Hi thanks for your response! I think I figured it out. I had the Azure Kinect viewer running thinking that I need to do that to start the device but once I closed the device on the viewer, the Azure Kinect TOP works! I guess it was competing for the device? Hopefully, this solved it long term. Thanks!

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Hi another question, when I activate the panel on renderpic CHOP, I get a black screen and not sure how to reference the project to appear on the panel. I’m following a tutorial but this is not working for me. I have tried both 2022 and 2021 versions. Thanks for any help with this.

You can make your render appear in the panel by setting the Background TOP parameter on the Look page of your panel to the same Render TOP as your Render Pick CHOP is pointing to. Hope that helps.

oh thank you. I’m new to TD and not sure where the Background TOP parameter on the look page is on the panel is? I’m using Kinect as input camera with overlayed geometry and using hand tracking to interact with geometric objects. My Render Pick CHOP panel value is /project1 - is this the value? I’m not sure what my Render Pick CHOP is pointing to. Thank you!

‘/project1’ is the default Container COMP (aka panel) that exists at the root of your project when you open a new instance of TouchDesigner. If you drop your Render Pick CHOP directly inside the project1 container, then it should reference it automatically. If you don’t have the project1 container anymore, or your CHOP is in a different location, then you’ll need to change that parameter to point to the Container COMP that you want to use for your interface.

Whatever Container COMP you’re using as your panel is where you’ll want to set the Background TOP parameter to point to your Render TOP that is rendering your geometry. By default, the ‘project1’ Container COMP is set to use a TOP called ‘out1’ as it’s background. If your file is still set up that way, then you can use can just connect your Render TOP to ‘out1’ and it will appear in the panel background.

If you’re still having trouble, you can post your toe file here and I can probably give your more specific instructions based on how your file is set up.