Azure kinect with touchdesigner 3d model

I want to use azure kincet with touch designer by instancing a specific shape of a person’s 3d model.
but 3d obj file has a lot of rows&columns That’s why there’s an error.
Can I reduce or adjust the row&columns in the obj file?


To reduce inside touchdesigner your 3d model there is the polyreduce sop, but i would recommand you to do it externaly with a 3d soft (blender, c4d …) and then import this reduced model into touch.

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Thank you so much for your reply. As you said, I extracted obj through houdini.
Let me ask you one more question.
Do you know how to map with 3d model and Azure kinect?

Glad it helped.
No unfortunatly i have never worked with kinect yet.

A good starting point is this working example of rigged skeleton for kinect azure: Skeleton for Kinect Azure
Also, this Youtube tutorial explain another way to do it, for kinect v2, you could maybe find useful informations in there:

Thank you so much!! :slight_smile: