Azure Pointcloud Merger - 2021-01-18 07:35

Azure Pointcloud Merger

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Hello Darien,

I very interested in testing your Point cloud merger … and i found your homepage … but i am a filmmaker and not a programmer … :slight_smile: anyway i installed python … and pip … but now i get only error messages when i write … pip install open3d …??? … i downloaded different versions … zips and packages … but nothing helps me over the error "Error Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement open3d …


I run a win10 system and 64bit and i tried other install scripts which include a online web version of open3d but then i got the message that the approached file doesn’t fit to my system … but i tried to install open3d compiled for win10 64bit ?

so i am stuck on my way to your point cloud merger … :frowning: … maybe you can help …

greetings Martn

Paging doctor @Darien.Brito

Thank you @ben :sweat_smile:

@MartnD nice you are trying it out! So, let me give you an easier way to make it work, I wrote this method also in the installation instructions but maybe was not too clear.

Instead of installing open3D via pip (that will install the latest version which I have not yet tested with my tool) you instead can use directly the library in the repository I provide. After you have downloaded the tool from Github, you then simply need to copy the folder “Open3D 0.11.0” to your TouchDesigner site packages directory, which is usually in a path like this:

C:\Program Files\Derivative\TouchDesigner.2020.28110\bin\Lib\site-packages

Once you have done that and re-initialize TouchDesigner. It will have the package installed. You can proceed to just use the tool.

Let me know if that worked for you :wink: