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Azure Pointcloud Merger

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Hello Darien,

I very interested in testing your Point cloud merger … and i found your homepage … but i am a filmmaker and not a programmer … :slight_smile: anyway i installed python … and pip … but now i get only error messages when i write … pip install open3d …??? … i downloaded different versions … zips and packages … but nothing helps me over the error "Error Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement open3d …


I run a win10 system and 64bit and i tried other install scripts which include a online web version of open3d but then i got the message that the approached file doesn’t fit to my system … but i tried to install open3d compiled for win10 64bit ?

so i am stuck on my way to your point cloud merger … :frowning: … maybe you can help …

greetings Martn

Paging doctor @Darien.Brito

Thank you @ben :sweat_smile:

@MartnD nice you are trying it out! So, let me give you an easier way to make it work, I wrote this method also in the installation instructions but maybe was not too clear.

Instead of installing open3D via pip (that will install the latest version which I have not yet tested with my tool) you instead can use directly the library in the repository I provide. After you have downloaded the tool from Github, you then simply need to copy the folder “Open3D 0.11.0” to your TouchDesigner site packages directory, which is usually in a path like this:

C:\Program Files\Derivative\TouchDesigner.2020.28110\bin\Lib\site-packages

Once you have done that and re-initialize TouchDesigner. It will have the package installed. You can proceed to just use the tool.

Let me know if that worked for you :wink:

Hello @Darien.Brito,
Your project was exactly the thing I have been looking for months:
I have 4 Azure cams, 4 L515 and 10 Dr400…
I don’t know if you are still active on this project and if you are thinking of supporting the last version of Open3d and why not, other cameras.
By the way, the link to make a donation does not work…
Hope to hear from you soon…

Hi @Fred3dstudio! Sorry for the super late reply. I have not been active on the forum for a while. I might indeed add support for other cameras. The project was initially developed for an opera production I worked on some months ago and, since then, I have not really looked into it. I know there’s interest on advancing it, so I will try to make some space in the near future to extend

Hi @Darien.Brito This is amazing work and thank you for sharing it with the community. I am looking to track people using 3 Kinect Azures. Would your approach work with the Azure chop to get the coordinate data for tracking people? Or do you have any suggestions or directions I should be looking in? Many thanks for any advice you could provide.

@Darien.Brito Bonjour, I installed your component to calibrate several azure kinects and the “extAzureCalibration” and “parexec1” nodes contain errors according to Touchdesigner.

The calibrate and regine button does not work, apart from downloading open3D are there any settings to change in touchdesigner? Thanks to you in advance

Hey @Darien.Brito @opale

Im really excited about the possibility of using this tool, but I’m having the same issue here.
I installed it and i’m getting an error. The camera ID’s are being recognized on the configuration tab after pulsing, those Ids are not being imported into the calibration tab however so the calibrate pulse and refine pulse are not functional. Inside of the Parexec1 node I’m getting the same exact error as @opale

I’m running TD under windows 10 with Commercial license i purchased this week, so assuming the most recent version. Id love to get this up and running for a big art install i’m doing in Mexico next weekend.

Any help would be much appreciated!


It should now work with TD 2022.25370 and open3d v0.15.0

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Hey @Darien.Brito

Hello, despite the overall excellence and professionalism of this tool, I’m facing an unusual issue. When I click on the “Gather Kinects” button, instead of obtaining the expected Kinect device number, no number is received, and the output displays something like this.

I’ve tried both the latest and oldest versions of open3d (0.18.0 and 0.11.0), but the issue persists.