Background TOP not showing

I’m new to Touchdesigner, and I have an issue where I can’t get a Null TOP that’s inside a base container to show as the background TOP in my project container. I started learning and only using TD at home for my own fun, however I have a project I’d like to display on a monitor for a university project. In my project I have a container with a base inside that has all the TOPs, CHOPs etc. It ends with a Null that shows my final output. I’m struggling to work my head around how base’s and containers work. When I input ./Null into Background Top in the container parameters, there is still a black screen in perform mode. I have made sure all spelling is correct.

Apologies for the beginner question and the lack of explanation. I’ve been working on this for a while and it has made me a bit brain dead at this point! Like I said, I am new to TD, so I’m not great at explaining my problem so let me know if I need to provide any more information. Any help appreciated!

Hi Alfie,
if you mean the little image, that’s displayed in the container, than that is, because you need an “out” TOP at the end of your network (since that is always, what the container/base above shows and outputs).

In general, always use an “out”, when you want to exit a container/base to go a level higher. (Also in all the other Operators families like CHOPs)

Hope that helped :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back so quick!
I feel as I’m explaining this terribly so here’s an outline of my project: I have a container (named Project1) and inside this I have a base (named interactiveparticles). Inside the base contains a network that uses Kinect and particlesGPU that eventually ends in Null1. I want Null1 to show when I open perform mode so, within the base container, I replaced Null1 with Out1. When I input Out1 to background TOP in Project1, I get a black screen on the little image in the container and also in perform mode.

I’ve managed to work it out! I understand what I did was wrong, and that adding out1 created an output for the base. I connected this to a null and then used that null as the bg TOP in the container. Thankyou for your help, much appreciated.