Bad header in CPIO packet

TD 15840 and older versions too

Recently my project file started incurring long save times, and it generating large files - 2mb, then 4mb etc. When loading the project i am starting to get:
Load Project .toe: mytoe load errors: Error: Bad header in CPIO packet(“project1”)

Which results in multiple operators dissappearing.
I traced the cause of the large files being related to FBX comps. However when deleting these, the system stalls for several minutes. In windows temp, the tddel file is often 1 to several gigabytes in size.

I can keep going to backup but i dont know how to solve this fully.

Could you send us your FBX file?

We did recently fix a bug with the FBX COMP causing toe files to continuously grow with each save – that fix is in the latest official build, 2020.20625. Could you try that build to see if it fixes your issue?