Ballpoint sketch [Shadertoy]

Can anyone help me with importing this from Shadertoy?

I copied the ‘Common’ in the buffers and in the image ‘glsl pixel’ OPs.
I think I have got ‘Image’ and ‘Buffer C’ working (see attached file)
Buffer B has compiled errors which I can’t understand how to solve.

disegno effetto.toe (7.2 KB)

Thank you!

Yeataro did it, have a look:

Thank you @upalmucha !

My goal is trying to re-create the effect of drawing a picture from scratch like in the Shadertoy shader.

Does anyone know how to do this effect also using other operators?

This version is half way through: I get something drawn and no glsl errors, but now all particles are at the same position, so it does not really work…

The error in buffer B was a dimension mismatch error: “uniform float iFrame”, I changed it to “uniform int iFrame”.disegno effetto.1.toe (7.2 KB)

@upalmucha thank you for your help!

Does anybody have an idea how to let the drawing working?

I tried to set:

  • the input extend mode UV to: Repeat (glsl page)
  • input smoothness and viewer smoothness on mipmap pixels and nearest pixel ( common page )

but both didn’t work for me. :frowning: