Bare Bones Scene Change Show System

A lot of people have been asking about the right way to setup their installations / show systems. I decided to make a general purpose system that I have been giving to a variety of people for a variety of different shows. This system has worked very well so Im releasing this here for testing before we put it in the palette.

The entire core scene change system is the component /project1/exampleShow/show. You do not need to go inside show - it is a contained system that references an external “Scenes COMP”. The Scenes COMP must have components inside that are tagged TDScene.

The show component will immediately load any components tagged with TDScene. The show component expects to find an out1 TOP. As well the sceneCOMP will pulse the Start button on the scene component and activate the Play toggle button. When the scene ends the show system will pulse the initialize button.

As well the show system manages cross fading from scene to scene over a specificed Fade In and Out time. The fade In Out time can be defined on the scene comps themselves or locally on the show component parameters.

To change scenes go to the show component and set the Next Scene to an integer that has a valid scene then click “Fire Scene”. There are also DATs in /project1/exampleShow that show you how you can send script commands.

Click “View Scene Index” to see the numeric index of you scenes.

Will continue to build more compatible parts to this system so we all have a goto Show system that is optimized. This system is optimized in the sense that if you keep your scene component contained with a single TOP output, this system will properly shut down scenes that are not displayed.

This is a great place for beginners to start setting up their first show.

For advanced users you can run multiples of this system much like you can run multiple tracks in Ableton live.
SceneChanger.toe (13.3 KB)

This looks super useful! Thank you : )))

Brilliant! Many thanks, Jarrett.

Thanks Jarrett, this is very useful.
The one thing I noticed is that the “show” comp’s “Fade Time” parameter is defined as an Int, but I think it may be better if it were a float.
Thanks again!

Ok ya that’s better. Thanks for the bug. Fixed in the latest one posted at top.

thank you very much,
along the years I find my self start from scratch custom scene changers for different cases :slight_smile:
i think i will stop that and use this component :slight_smile:

Hey Jarret,

I have here a workshop full of Mac Users
and for them the “Fire Scene” Button does not work…


Hi Jarrett - do you mind explaining the ‘extensionParExec’ callback system? Is it set up for anything in this project, and if not, what would it be used for? Thanks!