Base random order

Hello to all,
I have question about “Base_random_order.toe” file question.
I am planing to use this in comp to trigger some movie files.

However when it shuffles the list, sometimes the first column comes wiht same previous shuffling result. Because of that movie file is not playing.

How can I overcome this situation?
Basicly, whatever the shuffle result I want it to trigger my movie in top…
base_random_order.2.toe (4.79 KB)

Ha, yes usually when people need random it actually needs to be a little less random for good results :wink:

You can also use a Sort DAT and set its order to ‘random’.
Here’s an example which places a random seed in the Sort DAT every click.
Also it checks if the top result is the same as the one currently loaded in the Movie File In TOP, if so it loads the second result instead, and then pulses the cue parameter.
base_random_order_v2.tox (1.96 KB)

Hey thanks for the file and also Sort DAT info.

This made my day! Now I can move into further problems :slight_smile: