Basic Art-Net Set up


I am trying to send DMX out to a five metre long pixel strip (60 LED/M) with an Enttec Octo MPK 2. The strip lights up blue at first which indicates power is being received but when I connect it to TD, only the first 3 pixels work. They do respond the the colours I choose for them and the green led on the Octo flashes green which indicates data is being received from the strips. I am wondering if the issue of the whole 5m not lighting up is from TD? I have tried with two different pixel tape strips and its the same issue, so no polarity damage. I have attached a photo of the project and the project file as well.

Art-Net DMX Out test.toe (3.9 KB)

That is working as intendet. You need to send values for every pixel. So right now only sending 3 values for the first pixel.
This turorial should bring you up to speed.

Thank you.