Batch Video Converter

I decided to make an update to the batch video converter that @keithlostracco made a few years back. The controls are pretty straight forward; just select your source and destination folders and choose your video codec and relevant codec settings. You’ll find some extra codec settings under the ‘Advanced’ tab. Use the start button to begin the conversion process.

This hasn’t been tested heavily yet so please let me know if you experience any issues.


This project has been moved to


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supernice update Matt, thanks so much!

minor issue: when converting a batch of files, the screen flashes this for a frame orso, every time when it’s done converting a file (or before starting a new one?). Maybe nice to make input and output monitors show full black in that state, instead of those grey bars and the red dot.

other issue: I stopped the conversion and then pressed resume after a while, now the total time shows something negative.
Maybe easier to replace the network in /batchVideoConverter/controls/fileTimer for a Timer CHOP, set to cycle forever and only output cumulative seconds. And if you use an Info DAT on the Timer CHOP you get the hh:mm:ss:ff format for free!

Unfortunately the Timer chop relies on the “realtime” toggle being switched on. The scene needs to have this toggle off so that it doesn’t miss any frames during the conversion process.

The timer I created uses the clock chop which polls the computer time so you can rely on it to give you something accurate. It’s a bit of a hack and it will probably break in 30 years or so (due to the internal values having too many decimal places) but I’ll probably update it or people will be using something else by then.

I was able to fix the clock issue by adding in a few extra null chops before hold chops that have their cook parameter set to ‘always’.

ha great Matthew! Yeah and much more importantly it needs to have realtime off so it can be screaming fast instead of just a lousy 60 fps :wink: Nice one!

@matt I recently have another converter I made for just single files to convert to pixelmaps where I have a pretty good solve for the realtime/timeline pause issue.

If you add component time to the comp where your doing the actual rendering and playback and then use the local timeline for your duration, frame etc…

Then have all your controls and logic above that component. That way you can start and stop the local timeline and not have to worry about stuff not cooking and the main timeline can stay on.

I haven’t looked you network too deeply but the system is working decently for me.

Hi Matt- i am New to TD,

just tried your batch converter and its awesome for hapq …
i have a noncommercial licence though and all my conversions are output @ 1280 x 720 max resolution even if my source is 4k- is that a restriction due to my free license?


Correct, Non Commercial is limited to 1280*1280.

cool thought so… thanks for the quick reply!
will have to get a paid licence!


And I would recommend the Free, Friendly and French software (cocorico) Shutter Encoder. All the formats, codecs and conversions available, English and French speaking, Notch Lc coming soon, all Hap avatars still present. Mac and Windows.

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Videoconverter: no Hap, no NotchLC, not very practical for TD use…

Finally! I’ve been looking for a good converter for ages, thanks so much!

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