batch video converter

I needed to batch converter a bunch of video files to Hap Q and found both AE and Adobe Media Encoder a bit difficult to deal with when wanting to change the codec and framerate but not the resolution. So I built a quick batch converter in Touch that will search through all the folders of a specified directory, find all the movies convert them and save them to a new directory with the same folder structure (or not).

To use it:

  • set the source folder, codec, pixel format, frame rate, resolution and quality settings
  • set the destination folder
  • “Retain Folder Structure” creates the original folder structure inside of the dest folder when toggled on.
  • press "Convert All’ to start the conversion
  • disabling “Convert All” gives you the option to not stop the conversion, to stop it immediately or to stop it after the current movie is done being converted
  • “Resume” will start the conversion after the last fully converted movie

If you make sure realtime is off (which it should be by default) and you set the performCOMP parameter V-Sync Mode to “Disabled” then it will run as fast as your disk/CPU/GPU can handle in perform mode.

Could be some bugs still to work out and it could use more features (it could also use dynamic menus depending on what codec is selected and audio…) but for now it seems to be working well. I haven’t tried too hard to break it, if you find any problems let me know and I’ll fix them.


updates and bug fixes:

  • fixed bug in openFailed logic when two open movies fail in a row
  • created log file that updates every movie
  • fixed hang when movie names have special characters
  • added “Keep FPS” option
  • added resolution/fit settings
  • added set resume movie #
    VideoConverter1.toe (59.3 KB)
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Awesome! Thx

Really good video file format converter, thanks.

(PS In a folder with 2 files, it listed the two files, but Convert All only converted one… not sure why.)

thanks Greg.

Strange I’ll look into it. I’m not sure if I ever tested with just 2 files mostly I tested it with a bunch of files with or without sub folders. I’ll check it out.


Uploaded a fixed version.

thanks for the feedback

wow, that’s crazy.

Thanks for sharing - I just tested the utility and it works great. Also dig the conversion log.

thanks so much for sharing this tool Keith! very handy

How do I keep audio embedded in my hapq transcode?

Just posted an updated version of this component here:

Awesome! Thanks Matt. Much better updated version.