Bcakdrop Component - 2021-12-14 03:32

Bcakdrop Component

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I absolutely LOVE this. Thank you. I use TEXT DATS everywhere and I find them confusing and ugly way to organize.

YASSS! trying this immediately

EDIT: wait, what does it mean by “don’t split the pane” ?

@matijaerceg the network window can be split into any number of smaller sub-sections.

Each of those sections is a pane to TouchDesigner:

One technique for achieving this effect is to display a TOP in the background of TouchDesigner, the illusion is usually broken when you split panes in Touch, since you no longer have a way to fill the background seamlessly. In this case, I believe @Demigod is doing just that… which is why breaking the TouchDesigner network into multiple sections will break this implementation.

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