Beat Dialog, Beat CHOP, Beat Detection etc

I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t need to link to a bunch of old posts to highlight the interest in beat detection and reviving beat-driven data in TD. The timeline is geared for it, there’s a CHOP and a skeleton of a dialog that must be pretty old now. Built-in Midi-clock and beat detection open so many creative doors and offer alternatives to VJ apps. I too can vouch for the wavesum/waveclock algorithm used in VDMX, it’s as good as you could ask for. There were even decent ones from the nineties.
Even a decent system-wide tap tempo, with options to update timing, reset measures and +/- would be a massive improvement. It’s just so great to be able to create things based on increments/multiples of beats and have it work when the audio changes.
Are there any plans for this?

+1 !!