Best amd gpu for touchdesigner

Hi there,
First post in here… i started with touchdesigner for about two months. My actual setup is a mac pro 5.1 with a amd hd7970 gpu. I want to update my mac with a new amd gpu, because apple only supports amd since mojave, so nivida is no option for me.
The question is witch one? Vega 56, vega 64, rx 5700 xt or the wt series.
I know and also i test that the performance in windows is much better as in mac os. But all my audio setup is in mac os.

For the best performance have i look for the cpu rate of the gpu, shades, memory or other things?

Many thanks in advance.

We do not have many miles on any AMD cards for benchmarks and testing, but want to go with the latest RDNA 5700XT or 5800XT cards.
If you can wait, the RDNA2 cards will be announced within the month and will offer more power at similar price points, my recommendation is wait just a bit.

Thank you ben, yes I can wait I have good results in win10 with my old card.
I hope the new generation have apple support…