Best cable solution for 25m distance between laptop and projector?

Hi, I am trying to plan what cabling I might need for a show where the projector will be around 25m from the laptop.
I am reading that max length of HDMI is around 15m before signal degradation occurs and possible dropouts / lag.
Do HDMI signal repeater help overcome this if I get multiple cables?
Is there a better solution?

Many thanks

I think your best bet are HybridFibre HDMI Cables. You can get 50m for less then 100€ by now and I made good experience with them.

If you got some more money to spare go with Fibre-Extenders. They will go for around 500€ - 1000€ + fibrecable.

Stay away from repeaters n stuff. They might work but in general a pretty big headache.

If you look at Cat-Extenders, make sure they are active extenders. But you will probably still go more expensive then with the fibreHybrid cable.

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I recommand HDbaseT with a good cat6 ethernet cable. With some projector (as Panasonic), you only need the computer side.
I can easely use 70m in 1080p60 without problem. But use only HDbaseT, not proprietary (chinese…) protocols.