Best Desktop Setup for Running 70*1080P SCREENS?

Hello TDers,

May I ask what kind of setup can run an installation that contains 70*1080P screen?

Multiple graphic cards like AMD RadeonPro WX9100 + n*datapath fx4?

Ideally in each screen has a unique content output, and all of them combine as a screen tunnel.

Like this link:

Thank you.

This will not be possible with a single mashine.
Even with 4 cards in one mashine and a X4 for every output you are capped at 64 Screens (when using standart 4 output cards). Also you will need quadro cards to use affinity, or even better SLI Mosaic to run all of them. Also highly depends on what exactly you want to display. For just simple static images you might be better of with BrightSign players and maybe displaying a website or a multicomputer setup using NUCs as clients to master server.


As you can read in that article, the guys from Front Pictures used a single machine with just 2 Nvidia Quadro cards (each Quadro has 4 outputs) to scale to 64 unique outputs using several additional display wall controllers (such as Datapath x4).

You can scale this either:

  • vertically (add more Nvidia quadros to the same machine, limited by motherboard)

  • or scale horizontally (divide the load over multiple machines and sync their playback).

Depending on realtime rendering demands and budget you could choose:

  • the most powerful option with 18 Quadro cards (which will give 70 outputs + 2 for UI). This would be good if you have lots of realtime rendered interactive content. 18 cards obviously will not fit in a single machine :wink:

  • less Quadro cards and split their output signals with more display Wall controllers until you have 70 outputs + UI screens. (for instance if you are just playing back pre-rendered content and don’t need that many GPU cores)

To give an example here’s an example of scaling horizontally with the most powerful option, were I designed a cluster of 4 machines, each with 2 Quadro cards with 4 outputs, running 8 instances of TouchDesigner in sync: (see bottom photo for setup)

Send me a message if you need someone to spec your hardware/software architecture.
cheers idzard