Best method for high quality render to video file?


I’m doing music videos and I’m struggling to understand what is the best way to get high resolution video into a file. This is really important for me.

Usually i have used the movie file out TOP. It works ok but I have noticed that the image of the file is certainly not as crisp as the real-time window in Touchdesigner. Especially when there is fluid GLSL shaders being used.

Settings i usually use are

type: movie file
codec: h264 or h265
frame rate: should this be 60 or 30?
10 bit

When I attempt to use the cineform codec the system chokes and no video is written to file.

Any thoughts?

When I need high quality renders I usually export as animation, then transcode with another application.

It’s also important to turn off your realtime flag if you want smooth animation during your export. If you use the export movie dialogue window it will set-up a bunch of those things for you.

If you don’t want to compromise your quality at all, and want a high bit depth you might consider exporting your work as an exr sequence, then putting this back together into a video in another application. If someone needs something they can color grade / correct later this is usually the direction I go.

Both of those options take significantly more diskspace - so part of the balance here is going to be finding a solution that also isn’t crazy disk hungry.

thanks for the reply. this is helpful.
I am using animation as a render codec and it works alright.

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