Best Mini-PCs for installation art (EU)?

Hey everyone,

I d like to buy one or two mini PC systems for our little faculty (University Mozarteum Innsbruck) for small interactive installations. does anybody have some models and systems in mind?

Basically I d work with Kinect, ZEDi2, Projector-Setups / Mapping, audiovisual content.
nothing very crazy.

As for now I always have to use my private tower, I really would like to have 1-2 mini pcs which would be easy to carry and to setup.

Do you have any suggestions? What’s the best Mini-Pc graphics possible?
what is possible for around 1500 € per minipc?

Thankull for any help!
All the best,

if you search the forum for “mini pc” you’ll find several similar questions & recommendations.

Zotac makes nice small boxes, make sure to pick a model with a GeForce video card.