Best way to cast 'sun' shadows?

When I use a ‘distant light’ type, the shadows are based on its xform position, as though it’s a point/cone light. I was hoping that the shadows would only use a distant light’s rotation, same as the lighting.

Is there a way to cast shadows from a ‘distant light’ so that all shadows are the same angle/length, or do I just need to move a standard light really far away? Or is there a better way?

you actually can change it to orthographic shadows. the shadow projection is technically set independently of the lights mode. try these settings on a distant light:

Another useful trick to “see” what the shadow map sees, in terms of bounds is to plug the light comp into a depth top.


:man_facepalming: of course, ortho lights makes total sense thank you

And that trick is awesome, but which GEOs does it show?

it shows any geo that the light is linked to! so all of them by default. but depending on the width of the light shadow projection you might not see some

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