Best way to get custom Kinect power cables?

Hi All,

I need to extend the kinect power cable to 35+ feet. Does anyone have a good resource where I could order custom USB to Pin power cables?

End 1:
4.5mm OD with 3.0mm ID and a pin diameter of 0.6mm

End 2:
USB 3.0

Why not run a 35 foot lightweight power extension instead? It does not need to be a thick power cable, interior household power for things such as lamps would suffice as the current draw is minimal. Something like these?

We have to run through 1/2" conduit and there may not be enough space on the kinect side for power.

Ah, that’s annoying but makes sense. I’m sorry I don’t know of any direct extensions.

Gonna try out a USB extender and will report back.