Better way to handle fbx animation

Hi there,

FBX bring with it animation,
If I want to substitute this animation with other fbx animation (assume support by rig)
I cant just copy the import animation chop.

If i could just copy or handle the animation information more easily it was great.
for now as it seem, the import animation chop must stay under the fbx container.

  1. auto scale modifying on could be handy too.
    for now we need to change values in two places, multiply Armature:s channels by scalar (0.01)
    and the change the geometry container scale to 1 .

  2. found out that fbxs sometime need to be reloaded in order to work after loading again same toe.

thanks !

For #3: Do you experience this issue with all FBX files, or specific ones?

It seem to appear some of them (maybe it was material \ deform paths bug).

Shared with you rar file with fbxs (let me know if you got the invite) .
for first bug just extract rar and run the toe project.

I got it thanks. I’ll have a look.

For #1, you could choose “Output Full Range” from the Play Mode menu on the Import Select CHOP, then save it out to disk and bring it back to TD with a File In CHOP to use elsewhere.