Bind Sequential Parameters

Currently if you rely on sequential parameters, and want to synchronize two components, you have to run through many hoops:

  • Roll your own custom Seq Block watcher to see if number of blocks was modified in CompA
  • Call a callback and modify the number of blocks in CompB
  • Bind parameters from python
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while cloning might help with creating the blocks, binding is still an issue which still only is solvable via the Parameter DAT and a DAT Execute or similar. Needs a onSequenceChange callback or something.


Agreed. It takes a little doing at the moment. New blocks should use the default par settings from the first block, however, so I think you can create a clever bind expression to match automatically

To elaborate more, I was thinking of a scenario where there are two completely separate components, but their number of blocks should always match.

With default expressions/binds you can indeed do some automatic binding of the parameters!

@snaut I agree there are definitely some more callbacks needed for Sequence Parameters!

I think the most straightforward workaround at the moment is evaluateDAT + datexecDAT. You can put numBlocks in an expression in the evaluateDAT.

There are definitely more features coming down the pike to make this easier.

Definitely there are some workarounds that require some care, but I just remembered the main reason this RFE has been lingering on my mind:

Currently there’s no way to easily promote a sequence to a parent parameter (and keep the sequences synchronized)

Ah - that makes it similar to the menuSource setting of a menu parameter…

Well there’s no super-easy way, but the evaluateDAT + binds seems like it would work. Are you unable to make it happen at all, or is it just that it’s a bit of a pain?

I can make it work for sure, I was also trying to point out the inconsistency in dealing with custom parameters when it comes to sequential pars.

For example right now drag and dropping a Sequence to a parent custom comp editor gives you the options to bind/reference, but in reality clicking on any of the options results in an empty sequence with the same name, and no bind/reference happening.

In reality it should match the sequence fully, and bind/reference the blocks/parameters already for you, and reordering/adding/removing should sync automatically - in my opinion.

Sounds reasonable. I’ll put in the RFE

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