Bitwig Studio Midi to TouchDesigner on IAC Bus on Mac results in data spikes and dips

I’m using Bitwig Studio, a lovely DAW, to make audio and want to send midi signals to Touchdesigner over IAC bus on Mac.

When I send a lot of data from BitWig to TouchDesigner the data has dips and spikes:

When I send from VCV rack there is no issue.

You can see a video of the problem here:

I’ve tested out just logging the incoming midi values with a node.js program and there are no spikes in the source data.

I then went and wrote a lightweight node.js program to receive midi messages from BitWig and send them to TouchDesigner as soon as they are received. In this case, the spike goes away.

You can see a video of the fix here:

I believe the issue has something to do with TouchDesigner not being able to handle that high of a sample rate from incoming midi, and this is a bug in TouchDesigner.

Has anyone run into anything similar?