Blackmagic Decklink pro "Device unavailable" - out only

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to fix a problem with my DeckLink 8K Pro card.

If I try to use it as input for a camera TD sees it without any problem, at the first attempt,
but when I try to use it to feed a projector TD give me an error like: “Device is unavailable”.

I’m using a BiDirectional converter (SDI/HDMI). The setup is working in Arena (so it’s not a problem of the decklink card), but not in TD when it comes to outputting video.

Does anyone have some advice, on how to solve this?

thanks a lot!

In the Blackmagic Control Panel, how is the device setup in terms of it’s input/output assignment. Is it in quad link mode, single link mode etc?

Hi Malcom,
it’s in single mode (each SDI works alone).
As you can see in the screenshots, in Arena I’m able to select it (Out 4), but when it comes to TD, it doesn’t let me choose a Signal Format.

Just to confirm, you arn’t running both applications at the same time trying to interface with the card, right?

Of course not :slight_smile:
I used Arena only to verify that the signal goes thru the card.

The signal io coming out of the card with Arena, and I can also attach a camera to that port and I receive video into TD. The problem is when I try to output something.

Do you have only that one card in your system, or are there more blackmagic devices? Can you output a system report from the blackmagic control panel too?

Thanks a lot for the help you’re giving me, trying to solve this!

I’ve also a Mini Recorder 4K, but I don’t think it’s any use.
Ok, I exported the system report. There is something strange going on, since I have nothing connected on port #2, but still it receive something…

Is only port #4 giving you issues, or does the same behavior occur on all of them? So you can input on any input but output fails on all of them?

sorry for the delay in this answer.

Yes, output fails in all the ports.

Are you sure you’ve updated the firmware to the latest version? It should have asked when you install the newest drivers. So far I’m unable to reproduce the issue on my machine with an 8K Pro using drivers 12.8.1