Blackmagic Decklink Quad "Uanble to start capturing" error


I am a total newbie here setting up Touch Design for the first time. I am using the free version of the software to test, and I have a PC with the Black Magic Decklink Quad output card. I have added a TOP output and am sending that to the Blackmagic output 1. The device attempts to connect, my screen flashes blue, then Touch designer reports an error “unable to start capture”.

I am using the latest Black Magic drivers (12.5.1) and have set everything to 720 60p.

I am totally stumped as to why it is not working.

Is there a limitation with the free version? Are there things I should be checking that I am missing? Any thought are welcome.


To output via video output device Top, you need that your card is plugged to a screen or projector having exactly the same definition and fps as what is output.
As I was asking in another post, why Deckling card instead of graphic card?

The Video Device Out TOP is reporting an error ‘Unable to start capturing’? That’s quite odd. Are you able to share your project file?

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your reply. I had inputs and outputs confused. Such a dumb mistake I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. When I switched to output it immediately worked. I feel so dumb LOL.

We want to use the black magic card to get SDI output for our projectors without using adapters.