Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

I am just think about buying a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (USB3.0) for my windows laptop to get a videostream from my DSLR into TD. I read a lot about compatibility problems. Does anybody have experience with that?

The PCIe cards are definitely better. USB can be unrealiable. It should work though, be sure to use the 10.X series of drivers.

Any news on this device?
I tried both experimental and stable with their correspondent sdks (10 and 11).
‘Unable to start device capture’ although its detected and appears as Device. Tried couple of windows machines and a MBP with the same result, although it works in ‘BlackSpout’, VDMX and other apps.

Anybody was able to get it running?
I was hoping that with the last updates in 2020 will have as a side effect the shuttle to work. :slight_smile:
I get “Error: Failed to start video” after selecting the device in the ‘video device in’ TOP.

hey Vanta!

I had same problem with this one… 3 or 4 years ago

not exactlly same model so not sure if this helps or not but when I had the problem I tried several old versions of their desktop video drivers and eventually it worked

but as it wasn’t very stable I switched it to this Magewell’s one
never had any problem :slight_smile:

Hi Itaru :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip!
The thing is that I’m using the Intensity Shuttle for analogue video input (Composite), not SDI.
I cans ee that Magewell has a product that supports it, but the price range is completely different than the BackMagic Shuttle.

ah claro, you got the point!

in this case I would try couple of old driver from Blackmagic just in case

or maybe try not too expensive one from Amazon(easy to return if it doesn’t work :p)