Blackmagic quad hdmi

So I’m running into issues when capturing custom resolutions on a BM quad hdmi recorder.

I want to be able to capture any resolution (within the 4k raster). I know I can resize and crop after, but I’m looking to avoid this.

From what I can tell on BM site it doesn’t support custom resolutions, but I also recall from a different software that there’s a way to tell the card what resloutions to expect, I’m wondering if a, these are accessible and b, if it’s still pulling from a known list or can it be custom?


I’ve not heard about a way to do this off-hand, sorry.

No worries, I’m looking into it.

This company makes a modified BM,

I will have a unit to test this week.

Is there any reason this wouldn’t work with touch?

This seems specific to magewell products. It may work using the Media Foundation library, but we haven’t tested this so it’s unknown if it’ll work.

Ok, so I need to find a hardware solution that allows for custom resolutions.

From your experience are there any consumer available 4k HDMI/display port pcie capture cards that allow for custom resolutions? Or that have the ability to do it via software?

Is there no list of resolutions in the API of the BM that can be altered?

I’m unaware of anything. For arbitrary resolutions I’d suggest trying to use DisplayPort

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In geeral (ad his also holds true for other cards as well), the HDMI cards of BMD (and AJA or similiar) are built on the basis of their SDi cards. SDI abides to very strict standarts, so the HDMI cards do the same.Not using any bradcst standarts is simly not part of the target use case for them.
Like with LED-Wall controllers, he way is to use a standart resolution/framrate and to define a Region of Interrest hat then gets cropped by the proessor.

i couldnt find any display port capture cards besides the datapath, but its only dual and also doesnt seem to be in stock anywere.

display port could work fine.

so in some set ups they want to maximze rendering efficency.
so most of the render nodes are set up to send out a custom resolution, so the render is saving on those pixels (at least as i understand it), and the LED processors can be set to anything…

the fix seems to be sending out a known resolution with extra black pixels at the bottom so we dont loose sizing and aspects, and then on the processors crop that out.
this does change the resolution unreal (what im capturing) would be rendering at and possibly effect preformance (as its black pixels it may or may not matter…) also im trying to mitage changing pipelines and settings, and most workflows with ndisplay have these custom resolutions in thier pipelines.

i reached out to some suppliers that make some custom versions of the magwell usb cards, wondering if they maybe have some insight, but it does seem like a dead end tbh…
thanks all for the info and response!

The Epiphan 4K supports capture of several non-standard resolutions out of the box. 4K tech specs - Epiphan Video

I believe a previous Epiphan capture card supported uploading an arbitrary EDID to support custom resolutions, but I’m not sure if the current line does as well.

I’m also not sure if they’re compatible with TD, I’ve never tried.

Looks like the Elgato game capture cards do support EDID uploads: