blitzTag release

GRL Germany has built a new projection software suite (for non-commercial use), with a whole array of new features.

The official site is:

You can find a quick manual here:

Note that this version is not heavily tested. Please post all bugs/question in this topic.

Use this TouchDesigner version: … .14080.msi … .14080.msi


Wow, nice work man. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a machine that can run it at the minute, but it looks pretty awesome… Definitely need to have a play ASAP. Been waiting for something like this since I first saw Theo & co’s original project, exciting stuff!!!

Props for pushing the GRL technology forwards, I really love the saveable custom brush styles… Will definitely post some feedback when I get my hands on a working copy, keep up the good work dude!!!

Thanks Leskos. Let us know here or on the GRL Germany site if you do get a chance to play with it…


~ J

Thanks Leskos! Let us know if you need help setting it up.

Updated the first post with a video from the Vigo Transforma festival

Yo! Davids around the globe have a major chance to corner Goliath now, and in full color!


I’m having some issues with polygonal faces flipped or something, but it did work in Vigo oPbviously!

thanks for handling the power to the people, this is just the beginning…

felix, can you describe your issue in more detail? screenshots maybe

I’ve later read that I had to use an older TD version, which may be the reason.
but this is how it looks when I attempt to draw with a mouse with my computer config and latest TD version.
In case it applies.

Hi Felix,

Sorry for the delay, and sorry to see this happening.

Yeah, we have stayed with 14080 for this… can you try it out with that build?
Which is the latest build that you are using at the time of writing?

Any other machine/driver specs ?



I forget, is the version freeze because of how shared memory is handled in the newer build?

(my augmented reality stuff also got killed by that and have not managed to update it yet).


We’re not using any shared mem ops here, but we just knew that in the build-up to the Gold version, Derivative would be making a lot of changes, so as we were still actively running and testing this summer ourselves, we didn’t want to try to troubleshoot extra variables too much…

that being said, we have run with newer versions with little problem…

~ J

I just wanted to say great work on this project! I set up it and ran a test and it went really well. I only have two questions:

  1. Right now, I can only get one continuous stroke when using a laser input… On PC screen it works great with multiple strokes. Is there a way of solving this?

  2. Can I set this up to work with a new MacBook Pro and the AMD Radeon HD 6750m??

I appreciate any feedback you can give and once again awesome work!

Are you using the recommended build 14080?

Sorry, no ati support as the blob tracking in touch does not work on ati…

I installed the TouchDesigner FTE 077 17780 from the main site. Everything else is how you had it on the project page. Oh, also, I’m using a red laser. So I tweaked the camera settings a bit for that…

For the Mac, if I don’t use the kinect blobtracking will it be fine?

Please try build 14080 and see if it fixes your issues. It’s available here: … .14080.msi

We have an internal version that works with the latest build, but it needs some more testing before I can release it, so please try the older build for now.

The blob tracker is also used for the laser tracking, so there is currently no way to make blitztag work on ati gpus

Excellent! Sounds good - I’ll try out the suggestions. Thanks for the quick reply!

your welcome. please let me know if it works in the old build

Achim, the older build fixed my issue. Everything is running smoothly now. Thanks a lot.

The link to the component seems to be dead :frowning:
Could you please fix it?

I got my kinect to work without the shared memory OP. Now I can just point (or hold up my imaginary spray can) and tag. In the BLITZTAG/Kinect, I added a kinect depth top, flip top, chromakeyed(val min/max) my specific distance (still need to link that to the distance slider in the UI), then i threshholded, blured and wired to the blob track TOP. + house cleaning from bypassing the existing nodes!
Contemplating using the kinect chop to extract skeletal tracking location of a hand, perhaps allowing multiple hands/users.

ALSO the link WAS dead, but I found it again @


Laser recognition:
I used all the avaiable ressources from the project website (Blitztag v09) as well as the recommended Touchdesigner version non-commercial (077 14080), but I can not make blitztag to recognize the laser point (green one). Mouse writing works without hassle…(tested all on different OS and Geforce GC)

  1. Can it be problematic if I use a USB webcam (Logitech)?
  2. Is a special resolution/framerate needed?
  3. Can it only recognize a beam from a determined angle?
  4. Does the overall light needs to be decreased?

Before I calibrate the cam, the 3 screens in the middle show a picture…after calibration…only the left and the middle shows a picture…the right one is just in a flat single color. The very right screen is just red/white (depending on the threshold).
The cam is adjusted as decribed (with the help of the 4 squares)…and in the lower middle small screen I can also see a high contrast picture with the single point in it moving.

As I understand the function…there is a picture frame comarison for changes in the frames.Before I calibrate the cam…some strokes are randomly created when I move the cam (just from anything recognized in the background picture)…after that…nothing happens any more.

Everything seem to run/is calibrated well …it just feels like the change in picture is not recognized…

Any other suggestions what can avoid the operation?

Thanks a lot for a reply here…