blitzTag release

Hi everyone, I’m having some trouble with getting blitztag working, I have followed the pseudo manual but I have one issue when I try to calibrate the laser input, I click enable laser input, choose my camera and then click activate calibration. It will allow me then to adjust sliders for threshold etc but as soon as I click calibrate the third camera window from the left goes completely black and after this I can see it is picking up the laser as a moving white dot in the second window but the third window is black and it will not “paint” anything in the projection
Please help, thanks :slight_smile:

Hey… I’ll look into this ASAP.

Are you using the recommended 077 version of touchdesigner?

please try with these versions of touch … .14080.msi … .14080.msi

I have the same problem like Mr_Popolocoism: A flickering black screen in the third preview window. Can anyone help me?

(Yes, i am using the 14080 build of TD 077)


is it possible to use a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (DSLR) to capture the laser?

Hi all, I just discovered this wonderful project.
I’m working to export it to TD 0.88.
It is not perfect, but it’s working…
I’d like also to update it to work with GML 2.0 and 3.0
Does enybody is interested to help me in this task?

Revisiting an old thread here, had my eye on this project for years and only just got a windows PC that i could try it out on.

While i couldn’t find a copy of 077 14080 anywhere online, i have managed to get it mostly functional using TD 077 16900.

The only thing that i’m struggling with is:

Multiple strokes when using laser input.
I get 1 stroke when the laser is first picked up by Blitztag but it doesn’t recognise any following strokes from that point.
Reading the discussion it looks like kdayhoff had the same issue and it may have been fixed by the 14080 build? Any idea if this is an issue with the build i am using or is this just Blitztag itself…? Everything else seems to be working fine with this version from what i can tell!

Hope this gets read, i know it is a very old project so i’m chancing it a bit by posting but i thought it was worth an ask if anyone digs this up!
And amazing job on it too! :slight_smile:


This is hard for me to debug as I don’t have the Hardware Setup available. Maybe derivative can make that build available again ?

@Simplo did you manage to get it working in 088 ?

I think that version supported drawing in the main viewport with the mouse. do multiple strokes work when using mouse input ?

@Achim thank you for the reply!

Yes multiple strokes work with the mouse input, just seems to be the laser it doesn’t. It picks up the first stroke and i can draw for as long as i like, but if it loses the laser or i switch the laser off and on then i don’t get any following strokes until i have cleared the current tag. The laser shows up in the viewfinders but no strokes appear after the first stroke.

@kdayhoff was it the build causing this issue for you, or something else?

I will see if i can get a copy of that build through derivative or elsewhere, and will update here if I manage to fix it or if the 14080 build does fix things.

Another interesting point is the render resolution of the viewport - the projector output is 1080p which is working as it should, but the viewport in Blitztag seems to be squashed in from each side, as if Blitztag is displaying a 1080 x 1080 viewport even though i am getting a 1920 x 1080 output. Doesn’t affect anything massively as it still works but wondering if this is related to the build i am using too!


If it’s not an issue with the build version it could also be that the blob tracker “sees” another bright spot and thinks this is the laser.

There is some setting to lower the overall projection brightness and a threshold to separate the laser from the projector . Maybe try adjusting these

I haven’t opened that project in 7 years , so I’m afraid I don’t remember the usual problems and solutions

@Achim Not to worry, i have played around with the brightness & threshold settings and not had any luck, i think i will put it down to the build as it sounded like the same issue kdayhoff had that was fixed by using the original build!

I figured it was an old project and i’m really grateful you took the time to reply after all this time anyway!

To anyone else reading i will update if i find a fix or can get my hands on the original build version. :slight_smile:

Hi Achim,
hi all!
Yes, I made it work on 088, but it a was a very “forced” version, modified only to fit my needs, I didn’t made an actual full conversion.
But it seems I have been very provident at that time and I saved, in same folder, a TouchDesigner 077.10480 installer if you need it :smiley:
Please contact me for sending.

You mean you have b14080? If so I’d love to get a link so I can download and share if anyone still wants to try the original blitz tag

Another route may be the gestureCapture component in the palette. An on/off channel triggers the recording of any set of channels (default is mouse). And you can undo or clear it all (no fancy picking/editing). Each recorded gesture is an open polygon in the SOP that is output. The points have textureu, width and color (you would have to replace/remove the stand-in colors), and it is rendered with the Line MAT which renders per-point line width and color but not any texture - you would have to composite textures into it and add your own glow-outlines etc like Achim’s.

And you would have to use/tune Achim’s blob tracker to generate an X Y and on/off.

gestureCapture/lines/line* is a component per gesture, and that outputs more info in CHOPs - gesture speed, direction, distance travelled, velocity, width. But I haven’t merged that info into the SOP, nor merged the CHOPs together into one.

For Achim’s look you would want the parameters on the Width page to be 24, 6, 1.5, 4 (faster=thinner).

And you would have to appropriate Achim’s music.

Sorry for the late reply!
Try this link: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


thank you Simplo

How do i get a key to access this version??

Which version do you mean?