Bloom/Glow System

Here is a TD based Bloom system I recently built. I find it works quite well although it is a bit heavy. I’m building a BloomTOP that will be at least twice as fast, which I’ll upload once it’s finished.

The bloom system uses a multipass progressive downscaling and upscaling algorithm that accumulates brightness while blurring each pass. Basically downscale and blur and add it to the upscaled previously downscaled chain.

I added a few more features such as a glow (take luminance of the bloom and multiply single color) as well as ramp Glow lookup to achieve different bands of glow.

Once the C++ version is looking as good as the TD based version I’ll share it as well.

Works best with 16 or 32 bit source for input (with color values above 1.0)…

bloom.tox (4.37 KB)

Thanks so much for offering that for the Palette, Keith. It will be in there in next few weeks… very useful!