BlueFish444 Help: Video Device In

Hi! I currently am trying to convert my HDMI-IN to SDI-IN. I have the AJA HA5-4K Mini-Converter converting the HDMI signal to SDI. I then have the SDI cable running from the mini-converter to my bluefish444 Epoch Neutron 4k.

When using TD, all I see is a red signal coming from the ‘Video Device in: Bluefish444’.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? / Have a solution? I’ve attached visuals of the current setup and screenshot of TD.

Your help is appreciated <3

Current Build 2020.25380

As I understand it the HA5-4K is not a 1:1 converter but rather a splitter that takes a 4K HDMI input signal and outputs via 4 3G-SDI signals in either a quadrant or sample-interleave pattern. So at best you’d be seeing either 1/4 of the 4K image or an interleaved pattern that you’d have to decode.

Seems like you might be looking for a scaler if you want to input the entire 4K signal into a 1080p capture card. I can’t comment on the issue with the capture card itself as I don’t have one.

@jesgilbert, appreciate your feedback.

It looks like my computer is getting good read on the converter (hooked up via USB as well).

I see on the manual that I can set the disribution to ‘off’ which means:
" Off - (default) no video sent to any extra BNC outputs;."

Is it correct to assume that on this ‘off’ position, it is only using one (1) sdi output?

Link to manual:

@jesgilbert, do you think this product be a better option? I am looking to convert a single HDMI-IN (HD) to SDI out