Body projection mapping

Hi, I have a question about projection mapping. Is it possible to work with Kinect for this purpose? Can anyone give my some guidance or ideas? I wonder what will I need for the project. It will be a filmed dance project.

If there’s a better way like sensors or even other software to do it, please share them with me!

Thanks everyone!

Yes I think it should be possible. I found Kinect 2 to be a lot of fun for a kid’s interactive thing I did. I never tried it but with an extra projector you could probably project some of the skeleton animations onto the dancer if they wore a white body suit. Setting up registration will be your biggest challenge but even just projecting colours on them against a black background would be cool and easy to do…

This video shows my day 1 setup:

Yes you can definitely use the Kinect for this. I would recommend you use the Kinect azure, and make use of the skeletal tracking to identify the exact location of the pelvis, arms, legs and head in space. Remember the azure can track upto 5 people at once listed as p1 thru p5. I haven’t ever tested performance with all 5 tracking for speed for this kind of application, but with a decent GPU this should be ok….player index will be super helpful as well as you can use this to create content on top of.

It looks very fun!! Is it possible to share your network with me so I can have a better understanding of the set up? Nothing specific but I appreciate how people think and work it out.

Unfortunately, the team only have a Kinect v2. Do you have any experience with v2? We will only have 1 dancer so it should be more than enough?

It’s a large modular network with many sublayers and I don’t have my Kinect or controllers hooked up so it would be full of errors right now. I suggest you check out Masha Rozhnova and Dan Molnar’s Kinect 2 workshop on MusicHackSpace to learn the basics. Good luck!

I have tried to build the network with Kinect and I have a few questions.

I use GLSL to reduce the background and composite the body with a video clip. For the projector, I just use perform window. I wonder is there a way to make the black area totally black so the mapping is more dramatic?

Also, I have a question about calibration. Not sure how should I calculate it quickly. The tutorial only mention in CHOP but how about TOP?

How can I make the background as clean as this?

The Kinect TOP player index image is very clean and you should be able to use that. Put a black cloth behind your dancers and dress them in a white or grey bodysuit so the projected images will be very dark on your physical black background. You could scale and move your player index with a Transform TOP.

Hope this helps