Body Tracking from 75M away?

Hi team.
I’m looking for a solution of body tracking people about 75-100M away from my TD machine.

I have the Kinect 2 and the Kinect Azure camera but how to extend? I was told to look into these extenders:

Has anyone had luck with these? Or is there a better option out there?

I own a set of these and it does NOT work, even after sending it back to the factory for testing (they said it works).

I’ve also found this camera:

This one really interests me as it has Ethernet built in. My only question is:
How do we get body tracking from this camera over IP in TD? Is it possible?

Is there a better solution out there for body tracking 8-10 people from about 100M away?

One solution used by many would be tu use a computer next to kinect, analyse informations there and send it with OSC to the main computer through wired ethernet.

Hi @arvol,

have you checked out Luxonis’ OAK cameras? These are POE - no issue with cable length.


Not sure you are setting up your Kinect far from your PC and you want to extend its signal or your Kinect is close to your PC, 75m requires a set of fiber extender convert to USB 3.0 on both sides or try using a DSLR cam with a lens