Body tracking with RealSense

Hi All,
I’m looking at options for body tracking in TD.

I read this tweet by TD which has me a bit confused:
“Unfortunately Intel has dropped support for their face, finger, and skeleton tracking API and they are not supported for the D series cameras. … indows-eol … So the RealSense CHOP can not work with D series camera either :frowning: Some people have been looking into nuitrack.” - 10 April 2018

However, I did come across this: … Tracking
The intel link notes that “Currently, four parts are tracked: Head, Shoulders, Chest, and Hands.” So I guess it’s not a full body tracking system yet. I don’t know if I’m reading all this incorrectly, but doesn’t this imply that body tracking does work, just not for the whole body?

I noticed that the release notes for Build 2018.20310 - Mar 02, 2018 state that the RealSense SDK has been updated to the new cross platform API. Can someone clarify whether the beta has a RealSense CHOP which works with the four parts mentioned in the intel doc?

If the new RealSense SDK is a non-starter for body tracking, what are my options?

My current worst case scenario is to write a cpp chop for Nuitrack (which does open up a lot of hardware possibilities)

Any help appreciated

The newer SDK doesn’t support tracking features, just image output. So tracking only works with older devices, and the older Windows SDK.

Did you end up going down this route? Any news on how this panned out?


Since currently there is no TD CHOP for Realsense D435, I am trying to develop a TD sketch for tracking the body skeleton with a Realsense D435 camera and using Nuitrack (trial version), but I am having many problems and I still don’t find the proper way.

Some people say that a possibility is via OSC. I am trying to use this but the code present many errors and there is no enough documentation on the web.

Does anyone know another way for sending the skeleton data form Nuitrack to TD? Should I use another software for this connection?

Others say that writing a cpp CHOP for Nuitrack is a possible scenario, Does anyone have an example of these?

Other guy say that you should compile a DLL, opening the DLL in TouchDesigner but I still don’t find any documentation of how to do this. … gration/81

What other options do we have for tracking the Skeleton with Realsense D345?

(I find very necessary this Realsense CHOP supporting the D345 )

many thanks!