Boolean SOP with extruded shapes

Hi, I’m trying to understand boolean SOP. Having read the wiki, I think my example network should work with Boolean SOP operator. Since all shapes are made of convex, planar polygons, each of which is closed. However the mistake on boolean says that object B is not closed. Am I missing something? Thank you!
boolean_with_extruded_shape.tox (774 Bytes)

Boolean SOP is very tempermental.
In this case, appending a Facet SOP to the second input and turning on both ‘Consolidate Points’ and ‘Orient Polygons’ does the trick.
We’ll update the wiki.

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Thanks for the answer, Rob. Very temperamental indeed! Now that I had the example with the circle running, I thought that substituting the circle with a concave polygon (and turning off output convex face on extrude) should break Boolean again. But it didn’t, which was strange and unexpected. So Boolean may not care sometimes about convex-ness of polygons?
boolean_with_extruded_concave_shape.tox (1.2 KB)

As long as the inputs are all closed / shared points and each polygon is facing the right direction it seems to work, so concave volumes should be okay as well.
Thanks for testing,

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