Bouncing cache TOP textures to disk

Hello forum,

I’m trying to finish up an old project of mine consisting of an audio-visual looping component and wanted to make it as useful as possible for real-time use.

Previously, I had the option to export the captured loop by means of a script which would turn off the real time switch in the network before iterating through the buffer and exporting them using the moviefileout TOP. This worked pretty well but I would prefer the ability to “bounce” the loops from the buffer to the harddrive in a seemless real time manner that won’t spike the cpu load or drop frames. Obviously there’ll be some cpu overhead but it’s important that no frames be dropped in the exported file.

I figured I would look into staggering the process by exporting the movie frame by frame in the background with a delay between each but have not been so successful in this method.

Any other ideas on how I might want to approach this?