BPM Detection - 2020-04-15 12:19

BPM Detection

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A couple of days ago I have commented on that video on YouTube. This network is always off by a bit. Like around 3 or 4 bpm.

A better way to do this is is by using a CHOP execute on the best trigger, saving currentAbsTime.seconds - previousAbsTime.seconds (not the real code but I think you can figure out what I mean) to get the amount of time between the beats. Then use a DAT to to create a trail of the last x values.

I am using this method and it is perfect. I’d upload my tox if I’d have my computer now. If you want to have it, message me and I’ll do it later.

However, this method and the method in the video as well, relies heavily on there being a steady kick drum. I am looking for a method that doesn’t rely so much on one frequency band.

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Yeah, I took the video unlisted after your comment as I do no longer feel comfortable with the video.The core problem of it being off-time was a misscalculation in my formula. And 1 or two other small things. I might redo the tutorial but I abandoned real time audio analysis for livemusic anyway.

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I’d love to know how to set the project BPM to the output of the video (or midi BPM that I get from a DJM900NXS2 midi). Sorta as a global value.