Broken links in user guide pages

Hi all,

I found some broken links in the user guide pages, but they appear to be correct on the wiki.

I don’t know if those pages are generated automatically by importing and synchronizing the wiki (and therefore it is necessary to fix the import script) or if it is possible/necessary to update them manually.

In the later case, it is a bit difficult to indicate them correctly (given the length of the pages), but here is a procedure to find broken links more easily.

It is convenient to perform the steps on the firefox browser for the convenient multiline editor function (I don’t know if it is also present in chrome)

  1. open the Console
  2. select to view logs only
  3. open the multiline editor

  1. copy and paste the following code into the multiline editor
$brokenLink = jQuery('section.col-sm-8 a[href]').not('[href^="http"],[href^="https"],[href^="#"],[href^="//"],[href^="/UserGuide"],[href^="mailto"]');
if ($brokenLink.length > 0) {
  console.table($brokenLink.toArray(), ['text', 'href']);
  $brokenLink.each(function() {
    jQuery(this).append('<strong style="color: red"> PROBABLY BROKEN</STRONG>')
} else {
  console.log('Not broken link found');
  1. press control+return in the multiline editor
  2. if there is a table, continue with the next step
  3. search (control + f) on the page for the word “broken”
  4. check and, if necessary, fix the link (the “UserGuide/” part is probably missing)

to check a new UserGuide page, open it on the same browser page and start over from step 5

Below are some pages with broken links:

(edit) obviously this method does not find all possible broken links, but only those that follow the missing “UserGuide/” pattern :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the report, it seems the ‘Category’ and ‘Palette’ ones are not coming through correctly. We’ll figure it out!

This has now been fixed, thanks again.