Bug? I can't open toe which has my cpp TOP even CrashAutoSave

When I open a toe file which has a cpp TOP with 2020.28110 and 2020.27390.
Splash shows, but progress freezes on 30%, then created CrashAutoSave.toe.
And I can’t open CrashAutoSave.toe. But it works well with 2020.25380.

I can open with 2020.25380.
I can’t open with 2020.28110 2020.27390.

Here is the dump file.
TouchDesignerCrash.2020.28110.1.dmp (231.4 KB)

I wanna open with v2020.28110, so what should I do?

The crash seems to be occurring in a beginGLCommands() call you are doing, crashing in our code. Are you able to share your C++ project so I can reproduce the issue here? You can email it to support@derivative.ca if you wish.
If not, can you tell me which callbacks you calling beginGLCommands() from?

@malcolm Thank you for your reply.

C++ project is here GitHub - yumataesu/ExGpuVideoTOP at add-example
I pushed example toe and dump file.

And here is my spec.

  • OS : Windows 10 (19042.804)
  • CPU : Intel® Core™ i7-10700K
  • GPU : RTX 3080 ( studio driver 461.40 released at 01.26.2021)

Looks like this project is missing dependencies. Do you have those still to add/commit to the repo? The stuff in the GL include dir and l4z include file etc.