Bug on MacOS Sonoma

I updated to the new MacOS Sonoma 14.0 and I’m getting Vulkan Device Errors when connecting TOPs. Is there any solution?

Using TouchDesigner 2023.10130, also tried 2022.35280 and errors persisted.

My computer details:
Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 12.34.00

The crash report:
TouchDesigner-2023-10-12-122318.ips.zip (22.6 KB)

Hi @richihughes - thanks for the crash report. Do you see this with all networks or only when some TOPs are present?

Only for TOPs. Got more Vulkan errors when even just opening the parameters of TOPs.

Any updates on this?
Is this an isolated issue or affecting everyone with Sonoma?

I am afraid to upgrade my OS.

Hi @hekuli - we’re still looking at this. As far as we know this only effects (some?) Intel Macs without discrete GPUs running macOS Sonoma - so if you’re on Apple Silicon or have a dedicated GPU, then you should not be effected. Many of us are using TouchDesigner with Sonoma on more recent machines without issue.

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Hey, so this specific crash seems to be occuring in the Video Device In TOP. Are you able to most other crash files you are getting?
I’m trying this on an Intel MacMini, and so far no luck reproducing the issue.
Can you try build 2023.11340 as well?