BUGS: palette Camera

  • If I open the panel using the camera on my second monitor, and then RMB > Navigation mode:
    the submenu shows up detached, at the right border of the screen and a a larger scale. This only seems to happen if my main display is NOT at 100% dpi scale

  • mousewheel should only dolly when over the panel using the camera

Thanks for the report.

Sorry for not catching this report earlier. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to reproduce either of the issues you mention.

I’ve got a main 4k display set at 150% and a second 1080p screen at 100%, but the navigation popup menu appears under the cursor for me on either screen. The mousewheel also only works for me when the cursor is over the active panel window and has no effect otherwise.

How are you opening the panel on the other window? Are you using a Window COMP or just the right-click ‘View’ item from the Container COMP? Which version of TouchDesigner and the palette camera are you using?

the menu issue isn’t happening right now. don’t remember the build. I’ll keep an eye on it and report back

the mousewheel issue is in b12380
wheel.tox (12.5 KB)
open the tox, enable tile viewer, hover over the red panel and use the scroll wheel ()
→ the 3d scene dollies
I would expect it to only dolly if over the 3d scene panel

and in case you haven’t seen RFE: palette Camera
→ these would be some very handy improvements to the palette camera COMP

Thanks for the clarification. I can reproduce it now when the camera’s container is split in another container like that. I’ll get that sorted out.

Thanks for the other link, I’ll post my comments there as well.