Button Media Player

Hey guys , I wanted to know how I could have this buttons trigger the play and reset of the “MovieFilein” I have 8 buttons and 8 movies. I am trying to learn how to play one and reset the others.

@felix.ramos98 - good question, there are a couple of tricky pieces here that are worth thinking though before you commit to a particular direction.

I think I’m understanding correctly that you want to start one movie, and reset all the other videos.

I’d generally do this with Python, but there are some ways to do this only with CHOPs.

Starting with the question of starting / stopping playback. A fan CHOP might be a helpful first step here:

The idea would be to use the radio value from a set of buttons, and then turn this into an on / off value for each movie file.

Here’s an example of just that part:
base_fan_chop_for_play.tox (1.5 KB)

You could then use the results of the fan CHOP, invert those values, and use that to drive the cue parameter of the movie file TOPS:

You can find an example here:
base_fan_chop_for_play_and_reset.tox (1.6 KB)

I wouldn’t use this for a more complicated project, but if this is all you’re after in a pinch it might help.