Bypass Button on Components

This is really something very essential - I would love to have a Bypass Button on Components.

It would make using Component as flexible as Operators, when you are testing out long chains of commands…

Hmm not so sure about this - As you can define yourself what the contents is of any COMP, and also what extensions it has , and next to that any COMP could go very deep containing nested components and hundreds of operators, so I can imagine it would be extremely hard to code what such a general button would do, as it would have to do something else for everybody. There is already the cook flag of course which stops anything inside the COMP.

A more TD-centric way could be using Select operators further downstream to define which nodes are used in the current active network. Remember TD is a pull-based network, so only nodes cook which contribute to your output )or which output you are currently watching.
Also see What causes cooking on the wiki.

Thank you for the insights. The problem with the Cook flag is, that it stops everything, so there is no Output at all. If the Cook would just “bypass” all internal processing and just outputs the input channels it would be fine… not sure why this is not the case.

And as you mention the possibility of nested complexities - then “by design” it should be possible to specify the “Bypass” routing. I would for example like to put some GLSL-Shaders in components for easier reuse - but I’m not doing this because I loose the “Bypass” functionality -which is essential to sketch out things for me…

I agree with rs3dtouch on this. There should be a way to bypass custom components easily in the network without having to use parameters. It would require total customization, but still useful for building custom comps that are the kind you’d want to bypass.

What about this, just spitballing:
A ‘show bypass flag’ option on the common page. The user has to define what it does… they can set up all the changes to cooking and wiring as necessary.


How about an extra “user” flag below the other component flags that behaves like a toggle parameter, so that you can setup your ins and outs with a switch that uses parent().par.Userflag

Or that would be even more flexible!

And a nice example preset included so it’s easy & quick to wrap shaders and stuff :wink:

Also interested in something like this.

I posted my own thoughts before coming across this thread: