Bypassing a deactivated Cache TOP doesn't pass through cook flow

Hi good people of TD,
Couldn’t find this issue mentioned yet, excuse me if this is known.

When I have something that’s cooking going into a Cache TOP that is deactivated (Active = Off) but not bypassed the following OPs stop cooking understandably.

However, when I bypass that very same Cache TOP (still Active = Off) I think there’s a bug that stops cooking flow through, but also interestingly lets the TOP OP viewers updating.

Take a TOP top CHOP for example and your whole network stops working while the expectation was to treat the Cache TOP as if it didn’t exist.

If Cache TOP is active everyting works fine ofc.

build# & operating system:
021.15800 & Win11


Thanks for the report.

So the issue seems to actually be with the TOP to CHOP. If you use a TOP after the Cache TOP and the Cache TOP is de-activated and bypassed, it is going through and cooking.

However, attaching a TOP to CHOP to whatever TOP comes after is still broken.

I am adding an issue to our issue tracker for a developer to look into it.


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